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Musical Question

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Today at the fleamarket I bought this set for 3 dollars.

Ok I am fairly certain my mother has seen five of the six movies. I saw in the 80s on TV Carousel and Oklamoma. I also saw the tv stage version of Oklahoma (Jackman was really good) Carousel (PBS performance), South Pacific (Harry Connick suprisingly good) and Sound of Music (least said the better).


I saw original movie Sound of Music too many times to count.

I have seen on stage all of them but one.

Neither of us ever saw State Fair neither the movies nor on stage. Not sure why State Fair has never been staged locally its not like local theater groups ignore Rodgers and Hammerstein.


I never liked King and I on stage. The King was a loathsome man and when he put the young girl to death I always lost interest in his character. I am not sure if movie will be better. The music to me never compared to the others. Of the five I have seen on stage some more then once my order of best to worst is Carousel, Oklahoma, Sound of Music, South Pacific then further down King and I.

In the 80s I saw Carousel on stage with John Raitt, ok too old for the role, but gave the best performance I saw on stage. I found a video of John Raitt doing the Soliliquey. Ranks as one of the best musical songs.


We always stick to local theater this was the exception.

So State Fair the dvds have two versions 1945 in black and white and 1962 color version. Anyone like this musical and which version. How does the musical compare to the others?

We are watching State Fair first not sure the version then Carousel.

If Raitt rings a bell his daughter is Bonnie, a popular singer songwriter.

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