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I’m going to see A Little Night Music (SONDHEIM!) this weekend at Stratford. I was so excited to see Sondheim on the playbill I didn’t bother to look at the cast until now.

It’s full of Stratford’s veteran heavy hitters: Ben Carlson, Yanna McIntosh, Cynthia Dale, Juan Chioran and Rosemary Dunsmore.


If you’re not familiar with the Southern Ontario theatre scene, perhaps you might recognize them from their film & TV work:

Ben Carlson: Reign, Grey Gardens, The Strain, The Anniversary


Yanna McIntosh: Suits, Hemlock Grove, Finn’s Girl


Cynthia Dale: Heavenly Bodies, Street Legal, Taking the Falls


Juan Chioran: Reign, The Border, Republic of Love


Rosemary Dunsmore: Orphan Black, ReGenesis, Anne of Green Gables

TL;DR: I’m going to see a bunch of theatre legends in a show by theatre god Sondheim and I AM EXCITE.

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