In the 80s and early 90s I saw three times this musical. Granted the plot was almost nonexistant but it had great music and good jokes. It was a rare musical which each time you see it you understand the jokes and song lines more. The musical was Ain’t Misbehavin.

Do local groups do this musical any more?

Another musical is Oliver in the 70s and 80s lots of young folk theater groups put this on, now Grease is most popular for them. Granted its depressing as sin. The book is more depressing Fagin was executed and I think Artful Dodger too, I read it in the 80s. I admit I like Grease more but Oliver is excellent too.

A Little Night Music by Sondheim. Not overly popular. I saw it once and I was so bored. Maybe that’s why its not popular. This and I think it was called Dinettes and Gas Pump Boys are two musicals I have no interest in seeing again. Actually this is the only musical (Dinettes) my mother and I left at intermission.

What musical do you realize vanished and would see again. Ain't Misbehavin is top of my list.