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Musings on weight loss as I sit here eating candy

Have a shirtless Chris Pratt picture as a spacer. You’re welcome.

(Okay, so I’m watching Jurassic World while I eat candy.)

I’ve lost enough weight over the past 12 months that I can now wear size XL in stores/clothing lines that size generously. Like, New York and Company and White House Black Market are still not feasible, but Old Navy, several Macy’s brands, Kohl’s, and JCPenney’s are usually okay unless the clothing design is for a narrow fit.


This is the first time in my adult life (I am 31) that this is feasible. That I’m not stuck solely in the small plus-size sections where there are 3 dress pants choices, or whatever gaudy sackcloth dress Lane Bryant is trying to sell as fashionable. Or trying to find something at Torrid that doesn’t have skulls on it. I love skulls as much as the next badass, but they aren’t something I can wear to work.

I get overstimulated. Like, it’s overwhelming to go shopping somewhere like Macy’s. I was dress pants shopping with my mom a few weeks ago and I tried on several options from a few racks (none were really that good), and I was all “well, we tried, let’s hit it” and my mom pointed out that we had several other brands and racks to check. I still get surprised that there are more than 3-4 options for a style of pants.

And really, I just feel so privileged to have so many options. I know privileged is a weird word choice, but it’s true. I feel lucky and privileged to have so many choices. Clothing isn’t about “eh, it fits well enough” or “fuck it, I have to get pants today, these will have to do.”

Also, clothing is ridiculously cheaper when you aren’t stuck in the plus size sections. I get sticker shock sometimes when I check out because I am used to basics being stupidly overpriced because I need a 1x or 2x.


I don’t really have a point to this post besides a ramble, thanks for reading.

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