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Must see PUA Twitter profile (and a tech question).

Today we learned of the Golden Sperm Guy, and some hilarity ensued! NYCyclist gave us this bit of loveliness as well. Huzzah for the quick education on PUAs (I have an ex who watched the show, I tried to ignore it. Because yuck).

I was thinking how funny a good mocking could be and typed this, "The title, it kills me. There should be a mockery twitter with the handle @goldenspermguy. #meatthatmarinadesitself."


Well, ladies and gents, we have a winner! ThatChickMelly has made a Twitter, @IMGoldenSperm. It's awesome! Please go show her some love (with some follows & rt).

My tech question— Can you share a comment and add to it? Or does that require a whole new post (like this one)? TIA.

Edited to attempt to fix the poem link.

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