Here are my top 5 movies that have scenes I have never forgotten.

1) Sophie's Choice the Choice. Lets face it not only was this Streep's greatest role but that scene was heart crushing to watch.

2) Testament with Jane Alexander. Soul crushing bathroom scene with the mother and her son and daughter. Nuclear war is hell on its survivors, oh wait there are none only those who die in the blast and those who linger and die from radiation.

3) Saving Private Ryan the storming of Normandy. Speilberg not only did an incredible job filming this but it ended once and for all the John Wayne era of movie war.

4) Ox Bow Incident. An old western (50s?) the realization on the men's faces over there horrible fatal frontier justice decision. A gritty, simple and brutal view of the old west with 0 nostalgia and the injustice against Mexicans and how outsiders were viewed with suspicion and quickly blamed.


5) Tootsie. The funniest scene ever in movies when the soap opera that Dustin Hoffman's character was in went live so Hoffman decided on live TV to take off his make up, wig and dress. The screens showing his friends and especially his coworker's father were hysterical. Along with Hoffman's absurd funny reason why he was playing as a woman on the soap.

5) Terms of Endearment. When Winger's character was dying and her mother played by Shirley Maclaine apologized to her daughter for always fighting with her. Winger's character just looked at her and said she never thought they fought.


I had to do a tie for 5. Also watch these films. Testament should be seen as a reminder of what many of us feared growing up in the 70s and 80s more then anything else. Ox Bow may be harder to find but one of the best westerns ever. Sophie's Choice well if you love Streep then you cannot not watch her greatest performance in my opinion.

Whats yours?