My family.. the family I love, the people I care about most in the world, the people that should GET it... they're like a sack of Tea Partiers ruining my plans.

I came across a $30 box of doll heads at an antique/flea market/amazingly tacky shit store not long ago, and had the brilliant (BRILLIANT) idea of poking holes in their heads and making ornaments out of them to tie to the limbs of a tree in our front yard for Halloween. C'mon, how GOOD is that? I mean that's creepy as hell, right?

Well, I've been voted down. "Too creepy for the little ones" (yes, indeeeeed), "too weird" (uh, hello?), "too expensive" (I tried talking the price down but the guy side-eyed me and stuck firm to 30, so there may be a point there) and finally "I'm not going to be the one taking those down, Kanye, you'll have to do it..." (FINE, you got me there).

Boo, amirite?