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My Apartment Complex is Like an Episode of Jerry Springer...

Why is it that some couples like to have screaming fights on their apartment balconies?

Tonight I have heard one girl yelling at her boyfriend because he danced with another girl, even though he knew his girlfriend's foot hurt and that's why she wasn't dancing. (Side note, why were you out dancing? It's Tuesday. Kids these days...) "It doesn't matter if she was your sister!! Why are you dancing with your sister when you know I can't dance right now??"

Another guy was being yelled at by his girlfriend, then sweetly told her "Come here. Babe, really, come here. .......Go fuck yourself." *Car door slam.*


And one girl was on the phone screaming at someone for texting her but saying he was too busy to call her. Because (dun dun dun) she might be pregnant, and if she is she needs to know he will answer his phone anytime she calls. Long pause. "Oh yeah?? Well, it might not be yours, anyway!!"

Do these people not realize that their neighbors can hear every word they're bellowing? I feel bad about how very entertained I am by this tonight. I'm gonna go grab some popcorn and see what new shit is going down. Do any of you have any train wreck fights you can hear from where you live?

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