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My Apartment Holiday Tree Solution (6 images)

I mentioned working on these on an open thread and someone asked me to post when I was done. I think I am mostly done.

I live in a tiny apartment that is styled after apartments in the 1920s: the linoleum is black and white squares; there are not enough outlets; and I have wood floors, plaster walls, and picture rails. It is adorable. Unfortunately, I also have a free furniture addiction, so there isn’t much room anywhere, especially in the living room. My general decorating style can be summed up by this photo of some of my crap:


(I paid full retail for the owl glass, got the lamp and credenza for free, and got the rest via the Goodwill)

Every year, I have to come up with a tree alternative because I love decorating but really lack the space and money to get super into it. One year, I covered a wall in butcher paper I got from a second hand art supply place and painted a stylized, mid-century holiday scene on it. Another year, I took a triangle shaped trellis, turned the full side to the bottom (to match a tree shape), spray painted it with an iridescent blue, sprayed it again with glitter, added nails, screwed it to the wall, and hung ornaments on it.

This year, I covered a large canvas frame with fabric and painted a black tree on it. Then, I decorated the tree with tiny (cheap, plastic, cat proof) ornaments. I hung it above a (free) cabinet that I filled with some holiday things. I could get a little more in the cabinet, but I don’t want to pull focus from my high school cat posing with Santa.


I also made a magazine tree and sprayed that with glitter.


And, I always make my dad a holiday something out of manly burlap. This year, I made a silly tree out of a burlap basmati rice bag. I may have also sprayed it with glitter (this solves most problems).


Here is bonus picture of the cat that keeps trying to eat another small tree I have placed on my credenza.

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