It's trying. Oh boy, is it trying. But it's fighting so hard against the frozen hellmaelstrom outside that it can't get above 68-69 degrees Fahrenheit (for you Celsius, or "silly temperatures" users, I think the conversion is 22.7 and 3/4's hectares, or possibly liters), significantly colder near the window (where my computer is).

I blame InfectiousGirl for this. She has a tendency to basically just turn the heat off entirely at night. Why? I don't know. She claims it gets hot, but that's a lie; that's why you set the thermostat at a temperature and leave it there, so the system self-regulates. We don't pay for heat, so it's not a cost issue. She just does it. Which, normally, is fine, it just means its a little cold in the morning. IT ISN'T FINE WHEN IT'S -9 DEGREES OUTSIDE. I was woken up at 7:30 AM by the feeling of my face being trapped in an icebox. I feel like if the buffer of warm air had already been built up from last night it wouldn't be so bad. I am going to freeze to death inside a heated apartment. Fuck you, climate change.