As its known EisenBolan is a merger of two names. So I finally said "I need an avatar". This is a good one. Mack Bolan who ten or so years ago his novels got me through a tough time. Mack became in some ways a personal avatar. A man fiercely believing in justice a strong code of ethics who will do anything to defend the innocent. Yes the books are very violent. The series of first 39 novels.are about his taking down ity by city, nation by nation the tenticles of the mafia. Marvel ripped off his character with The Punisher a man yes fightingnagainst the mafia but no sense of honor and no code doing it, an innocent gets harmed its sad but he brushed it off.

Live large means to embrace life, to fight for what is right and do it in a big way. Mack Bolan is a creation of Don Pendleton who wrote 38 novels, 38 of the first 39 then many, many writers. They are well past 500 novels published by Harlequin under their Gold Eagle label. The site is an excellent site about this character. They do get tedious past 300 of the mainline novels. I was never a fan of SuperBolan novels they seemed so bloated in length, action novels should be no more then 180 to.220 pages not 350. The first 39 books which can be read alone as individuals book one is a must though comprise one story. Save The Children book 90? is one of my favs its about child exploitation and how he destroyed the operation without mercy. One of the best written. Post book 39 everything is stand alone except for the trilogies.