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My baby smiled for the first time

I had a baby 9 weeks ago (Babyjangles?). The newborn stage has been ok for us due to lots of family help, flexible work schedules/good leave policies, and the fact that Babyjangles is a good sleeper. However, while humans are born with the ability to express displeasure, it takes awhile to learn to smile. It has been so weird to care for a such a serious little person, with no positive feedback at all. We can kiss him and cuddle him and make the silliest faces and the best reaction we’ve been able to coax out of him is to stop frowning and look interested for a minute. I had read that babies learn to smile around 6 weeks, and I’ve been waiting and waiting and nothing. He was born 3 weeks early, and they (baby experts?) say that you may need to adjust for this when assessing milestones, but for many milestones he has been right on track. I knew he would smile eventually but I was getting impatient.

Last night Babyjangles smiled a big, wide, open mouthed, gummy grin! It wasn’t at me, or at Boyjangles, but at the mobile over his changing station. I kind of figured that would happen. It plays music and has black and white animals, and he loves that thing. But he smiled! So I can only hope that one day Babyjangles will decide he likes me as much as he likes his mobile.


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