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My Best Friend Is Gone

Hi Groupthink,

I haven't posted in awhile, but just need to tell someone about the hard decision I just made to say goodbye to my best friend. I'm not ready to tell the world, but I feel this overwhelming need to share how much he meant to me. Tank passed away in my arms this afternoon. He's been fighting kidney disease for about the last year, and it had gotten so bad by today that he couldn't really walk anymore. Rather than have the drastic procedure or a blood transfusion that would have only have appeased his suffering for a month or so more, I made the painful decision to say goodbye. We had one last beautiful day in the park this afternoon. He ate a bacon cheeseburger and sunned himself. The loss I feel right now is immeasurable. He's been my constant companion for the last 10 years and the loss I feel right now is immense. I hope the pictures from our last afternoon are what stay in my mind, rather than his suffering. Farewell best buddy. Thanks for listening.


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