And I have been waiting with breath that is bated to share one of his gloriously idiotic, tea party-based rants on facebook.

Update: I wasn't going to engage him but your solidarity made be brave and slightly stupid. This how I commented: House Resolution 368 amended clause 4 of XXII, so yes, there is a problem with saying both sides are willing to negotiate.



this is a treasure. when you hear both sides claiming a willingness to negotiate, and hear this type of reasoning, it's no wonder nothing gets done in D.C. This is the clown that's the head of the senate. what a joke.…

Blast From The Past: Harry Reid Claimed Income Taxes Are "Voluntary" | Zero Hedge

With all the verbal volleys of the last few days, we thought it seemed like an appropriate time to revisit an interview in which Mr. Reid claimed on camera that income taxes are “voluntary.”