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My big summer craft project

A friendly reminder that this is Lucky Kittah on a non doxxed to fam and friends account.

This project is the very first big project I've ever done. I haven't painted anything in over a decade because I am NOT a crafty person. BUT I am a determined person. I hated the furniture in my bedroom. I had a black desk, 1/2 of a white bookshelf, and a brown dresser. I've been dealing with this mismatch for years now. I don't have the money for new furniture. I just about lost it a few months ago and decided it was time for change. I like the desk, so I decided I needed to paint my other two pieces of furniture black.

So here ya go!


I'm a little tempted to sand the bookshelf (it was my practice for the dresser, really) down a bit and repaint it, but I'm also not sure I have the energy.


I had quite a lot of fun doing this project and wish I had more to paint! I just really love the finished products. :)

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