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Jaxican is home!


He had surgery Monday afternoon, we brought him home last night, promptly met with a dog sitter who is coming over on Sunday to let him out while we get engagement pictures done.... it was a busy night.

He’s doing very well. It was a 70-80% tear in his crutiate ligament in his knee, but the meniscus was still intact. He also got the TPLO portion of the surgery where they reshape his knee joint some and put a metal plate in to stabilize. All sounds greatly painful to me.

When they let him go, he was moving around fine on 3 legs, eating, etc. Now that he’s back at home, he’s been keeping up the same. He puts a little bit of weight on his leg and even used it to lightly scratch his ear.

We already had some things scheduled this week where we’d both be away for 8 hours, so we’ve used an awesome website (rover.com) to find dog sitters who are comfortable with a post-op dog and available on short notice.


Keeping this dog down for 8 weeks is going to be a challenge, but I’m glad my munchkin is doing pretty well.

2nd Edit: That’s his kitty. And that’s her dog. She acts like she is scared of him, but it’s all lies. Since they’ve been in the apartment together, she now lays in that area with her belly up all the time. And sometimes we even catch her coming over and laying down near him. Or grooming his tail because all it’s fluff. She’s a hoot.

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