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My Birth Control Has Been Placed!

I went to my appointment this morning with my friend. Gross oversharing details below.

I chose Nexplanon because my work schedule is bonkers and I know I wouldn't be able to take a pill at the same time every day. Also I liked the idea of being able to feel it in my arm to make sure it was still there at any time. I'm a bit paranoid about that sort of thing so that was a plus over an IUD. The same doctor who did my Pap and who I had the consultation with did the Nexplanon placement. She's awesome and kept me calm throughout.


She had me lay down face up on the chair and put my left arm in an almost 90 degree angle so she could get to the underside of my upper arm. She measured to the spot where it was supposed to go in, drew a dot and then swabbed the area with that brownish stuff they use in surgery.

My friend went around behind my head to hold my hand during the numbing portion. That was the only part that was painful. I'm apparently a big baby when it comes to needles because that shit HURT. Like prickly, ouchie, stabby pain. I cried. Zero shame. It only took her like, a minute or so to numb the area so the stabby pain didn't last long. She told me what she was doing step by step. That helped me relax in a way because there were no surprises.

Then she showed me the little insertion device and I wished she hadn't. I saw the actual needle that they use to jab it in and the rod. I didn't need to see it. Good lord that needle is big. I didn't feel anything as she popped it in of course. Mostly just pulling and some pressure. I heard the little tab slide and she said she was done.


The doctor had me feel the rod in my arm and she felt all along it just to make sure it had been placed properly. Then she bandaged me up with a bit of gauze and one of those bandages that sticks to itself in my favorite color, purple. She told me I could take some Advil if it was still painful later on but it shouldn't be too bad. I can take the big ol' bandage off later and just put a regular band-aid on later today or tomorrow. I'll probably wait until tomorrow.

I have a delightful bruise forming which she said was normal. I took the picture below after I'd removed the bandage to have a look-see and then rewrapped it. The doctor had wrapped it much tighter than that. The dark halo is the remnant of the brown antiseptic stuff. The actual hole (which I saw when I took the bandage off) is really small-like if you accidentally stabbed yourself with a pen.


It's kinda painful now that the lidocaine is wearing off but it's not terrible. Mostly just uncomfortable. That bruise is gonna suck for the next week. But I'm happy I did it.


So I survived! My mom came home and she was like, "Look at the technology these days!" She's strangely excited about it. I thought for sure she'd be weird about it since it's a neon sign that says MY KID IS MAKING THE SEX WITH PEOPLE. But I guess I'm 28 and staying over at dude's houses so she gets it. My mom can be really cool some times.

Anyone have any questions about insertion? It's still fresh in my mind!

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