...is today! Last night Foxylocksley, a few friends, and I went out for dinner and found one of those karaoke places that lets you rent boothes. It was really fun! Today Foxylocksley and I are meeting another friend and her three boys at the zoo. Later we may get dinner, or make an obscene amount of tempura. Mostly I'm happy because this is the first year in a long time I'm not feeling incredibly anxious around my birthday.

Last year I had a party which a bunch of people didn't show up to, I got drunker than I intended, and ended sobbing to myself while singing "Here I Go Again" for Rockband because one of my friends implied that one of my other friends is usually pretty annoyed with me. The next day I woke up feeling pretty disappointed and pretty sheepish. The majority of my adult birthdays have been similar, and I think I finally realized that I tend to put too much pressure on the day and on myself for it to be eventful and representative of how much the people in my life care about me. This year, having had that epiphany, I shyied away from any big celebrations, and just hung out with those who offered. It seems that it was a good choice because I don't feel overwhelmingly sad, alone, anxious, and disappointed. Baby steps I guess.

Anyway, it's panning out to be a good day so far!