TW: weight loss, exercising, whining




So I’ve whined before that weight loss for me is more of fits-and-starts than a gradual slope. It makes sense, and it’s just how it is. It’s not that I don’t see physical results in the meanwhile, but let’s face it, when you are trying to become smaller than you are, that fucking number on the scale matters. So as long as I don’t wuss out and stop exercising and eating healthily, if I just wait it out I’ll see numerical results. Plus reap the benefits of regular exercise and good eating.

I weigh myself every Saturday. If I do it daily I get overly fixated on it, so yeah, I stopped doing that. After 6 weeks of plateauing, I dropped 4 lbs like nobody’s business a few weeks ago (which was awesome). And then last week I saw a drop of another 3 lbs. Obviously I’m please about this. I’m only about a pound away from the goal I set in February for May. Chances are I’ll hang out at my current weight for another 3-5 weeks, which is fine.

The only snag is that I have some minor problems with hypoglycemia. Nothing that is truly an issue - I just need to eat within about 2 hours of getting up or I am a hot mess later with shakiness, etc. A few times it got so bad in high school and college that I passed out (Amazing how trying to not eat plus exercise a lot had those effects, plus using soda as a bandaid when I got shaky!).

And my stupid body gives me fake hypoglycemia symptoms sometimes when I lose weight quickly like this. I get it, the impulse is to consume more food and spike insulin production to put more weight back on is a result of the weight loss. I know they’re not real symptoms, per se, because I will have a spot-on awesome diet for blood-sugar management and still get the feelings of OMG I HAVE TO EAT NOW OR I WILL PASS OUT. And I can just wait them out.


tl:dr I’m gonna bring a shit ton of celery and bell pepper strips to hopefully trick my brain into thinking it’s getting ALL THE FOOD today.