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My Boss Can't Count

And it's kind of interfering with my job?! She's like, "you drew too many Whatsits in this space, there are only supposed to be X max" all the time, but then I'm like, "Ummmmmm it is less than X." Then I don't hear anything, and then on the next project she says the same. It's weird to me how often this happens - I haven't so much as told her, "you are bad at counting get off my nuts and trust me to follow your rules!!" but like, every single time the answer is just..."you're wrong" and assuming by the fact she doesn't respond makes me think she goes, "oh yeah I'm wrong" and moves on (she never responds to anything hardly, haha).

Most of the time, when I think my bosses want something stupid, I just do it unless it's a Strongly Disagree situation in which case I present my argument and usually they understand. But this is...how do I say, "you can't count" haha. Like, I can't draw fewer Whatsits because what we need is as many of them as possible without going over the max. So I'm doing that. Fewer Whatsits will mean I'm actually causing people to lose money unnecessarily.


I'll probably just continue in this pattern forever until I die, rather than accuse her of being a bad counter.

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