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My boss gotta pay!

I won, I won!

To those who have not been following the long battle against me and my former boss, here's a fast recap: He told me the company was moving to a really cool European city. Three weeks AFTER I signed a lease on an apartment there, he decided he wanted the office to stay in a tiny podunk town three hours away. And when I called him out on his bullshit, he fired me. Oh, and I moved from another country to work for him. And since I'm American, this has put my immigration in jeopardy, as well as my financial well being. And he owed me a week of holiday pay that he was refusing to give me.

So we went to mediation today and the judge basically said it was my word against his about whether or not I took my holiday during the interim (he kicked me out of the office about a month before my termination was official), and it would be better if we reached an agreement instead of going to an actual trial. So instead of getting the 1,300 euros that I was entitled to, I settled for 1,000 to have the whole mess put to rest.


The bastard didn't even have the balls to show up and sent a lawyer in his place. A lawyer that actually sided with me and agreed to the 1,000 even though my boss didn't even want to settle for 600 as the lawyer originally suggested.

Oh, and did I mention that he has to pay the court costs as well as his lawyer's fees, plus the money he owes me which will total more than 2,000 euros? Motherfucker should have just paid me my money. And I will happily take the 300 euro loss since he still has to pay and I can finally close this chapter. I told him when I was leaving the office that this was not over. He should have listened.

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