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My Boss is MIA, Speculate Wildly With Me!

Let me preface this with, I really hope he’s okay.

My boss’s attendance the last month has been... spotty. Which was already odd for someone you could set your watch to. Lots of in late, leaving early, just not coming in. Then again, it was the holidays.

Then last week, sure, there was a blizzard, but he was just “OOO”. If you’re on vacation, fine, but my company makes a *big* deal about WFH (working from home) on snow days and he is management, after all.


So today I came in and he’s noted as being “OOO” all this week, too. I think we can definitely rule out the snow at this point.

The thing is, he’s a very private individual so it’s not like he would ever chat about anything he’s dealing with out of work. Years ago, he famously, unexpectedly, left for a week with the parting words, “My wife just went into labor.” It was news to his boss that he was even married. New employees will often gently pry, “So, your boss, uh, what’s his deal?” It took about 6 months of working with him before I could get him to smile. I’ll never forget it, I made an X Files reference and he chuckled. I felt like Neil Armstrong. He’s actually quite nice, tough but fair, super knowledgeable and no-bullshit, which are all things I really like and respect about working with him.

Naturally, in the last couple weeks, several people have stopped by my office to inquire if me or my officemate know anything. Including other people who report to him. We just shrug.

So... Zika virus? Eating, praying, loving his way around the world? Hit the lottery? Went full Office Space on us?


Your guess is literally as good as mine.

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