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My boss is terrible and I hate him + law school stress!

Ugh. Sorry I haven't been around much lately, guys, but work is killing me right now. I'm covering for two people who are on vacation, and my boss is an incompetent asshole. Today I got to listen to him rant about Obamacare and all the free birth control for the whorez.

My boss is The Worst. I had a run in with him a few months after transferring out here, and even though it got escalated to HR and upper-upper management, nothing came of it except that anything he does that impacts my record (raises, reviews, and such) has to be approved by his boss before it becomes permanent. I guess this is supposed to make me feel better about him not being able to retaliate against me, but everything he does is rubber stamped by his boss so I don't feel so great about it. Boss is a super-right-wing die-hard Republican, and extremely religious. I hate when I have to go to lunch with him because he makes a big show about praying as soon as the food arrives (which I found out recently he doesn't do to anyone else!) and it's awkward. He talks down to me, frequently raises his voice, and when he does provide "positive" feedback when I do well, it's usually couched in some kind of subtle insult. Like he's negging me all the time. Oh, and he's already told me I'm not getting a raise next year.

I've tried talking to my boss about how he treats me, which didn't end well (best line from him: "I have women at home; I don't know why you and I can't communicate better."). I've tried talking to his boss, to HR, to upper management, and nothing. So I pretty much have to bide my time until I can transfer out of here. I'm not the only one who has had complaints to HR about him, but I am the only one left working at the company. Everyone else has quit. I don't have that option right now since I may be moving next year, and I need a job that can relocate me.


Speaking of moving, MitsuBT has not heard back from any of the 14 law schools he applied to, and he's starting to get worried. He has a ridiculously high LSAT score, a great undergrad GPA, military experience, and I thought his personal essay was pretty strong, but nope, nothing. If he doesn't get in, he's going to have to stay in the Air Force for a while, and he's already been notified he'd be sent back to the UK if he doesn't get out. Which would leave me here struggling, alone. I'd have to move back to the mainland and hope we can work a LDR for the next 2-3 years. Stress.

TL; DR: I hate my boss, and am starting to really hate my job. Personal + work stress + being broke as shit is slowly killing me. I'm going to go have a smoke and take something for this migraine. :(

MitsubiShe will be back next week when work calms down and she has had a chance to sleep.

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