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My boss reminds me of my ex

To a degree that's sort of creepy.

Similar style of dress, identical taste in music, similar sense of humor...and they share the same first name. They don't look very much alike in terms of facial features or coloring, but they both have a "pretty boy"/baby-faced/boyish-handsome appearance.

Full disclosure, I thought that my boss was really cute when I first met him (I have a type, obviously) but, he is gay and in a committed relationship. Still, the similarities are sort of uncanny, and it's weirding me out a little. I keep doing double takes when I'm around him.


I almost want the two of them to meet, just to see what that conversation would be like. Would they turn out to be BFFs? Would they despise each other (there can only be one highlander, etc)? Inquiring minds (mine especially) want to know.

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