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My boyfriend talks in his sleep...

...and it is HILARIOUS. I really need to start writing this stuff down. Anyway, here's a transcript from last night:

(Background: I have ALL THE STRESS and the depression right now, so not sleeping well. MitsuBT and I went to bed around 10, but I got up and didn't come back to bed until around 2:30 or 3.) When I got into bed, the following occurred:

MitsuBT: (wraps his arms around me in a death squeeze) Interesting.

Me: What?

BT: You. You are interesting. Interestingly interesting.

Me: You're so cute when you talk in your sleep.

BT: See? That's interesting. (snores)

(about 30 minutes later when I'm sick of getting squeezed to death, my foiled escape rouses him again)


BT: You. Mmmmmy sexy robot.

Me: (giggles)

BT: What?

Me: I love you.

BT: What?! whyyyyyyy? I am not.

Me: It's okay, (name).

BT: I'm sorry I am not a robot. You're a sexy robot. (finally lets go of me, rolls over and snores)


and FIN.

Seriously. I laughed for a good 20 minutes last night. When I recounted the above to MitsuBT this morning he literally hung his head in shame. He also apologized to me over text messages a few hours later. I think it's fucking adorable, and hilarious. Usually his sleep talk is not this coherent, though. One night he told me he loved me, but I "shouldn't do that to the pineapple." Or sometimes he'll say a single random word and nothing else.


I think I am going to start writing this down. And I won't tell him what he's saying until I've collected a bunch of really good ones.

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