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My Brain is Broken (Sun. AM OT)

I need to get back to work. Every time we have a break, I get stupid, lol.

Homey and I have been watching The Chilling Adventures and Jane the Virgin lately. The other night, we were watching Sabrina and it was an episode with demons (which, I think most of them are? all of them, maybe?) and Homey said, “Nick is Raphael and Harvey is Michael,” drawing parallels between the love triangles on the two shows.


My brain, however, was on demons and I said, “Oh, really? I don’t really know the angels.” Cuz I was thinking like demons and angels and archangels and there’s probably some cool connection to a religious story that I don’t know. (Now, this is already dumb—Raphael painted angels, sure, but my brain was just like, “Oh, angels, religion, IDK ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Let’s give up!”)

And Homey looked at me like

And said, “You don’t know the angels?”

And I was like, “Nope, not religious, don’t really know any of the angels or archangels or whatever.”


To which he replied,No, they’re not angels. I’m talking about the guys from the show.”

And my brain strained just a leeetle harder to recall where I know the names Raphael and Michael from and I said, “Oh! Ninja Turtles!” Then I paused, looked at him quizzically, and asked, “Ninja Turtles?” Because, even though my brain is on vacation, I was pretty sure it was a reach to connect the characters from Sabrina to a couple of the Ninja Turtles.


By then, I could basically see that the thought bubble above Homey’s head basically said “What?” to the 80th power. Like, I could see the tine little “80" floating above him.


And then he started to laugh at me and I thought for a moment. Slowly, it came to me,“Wait, no. Not Michael. Michaelangelo is a Ninja Turtle.”

And then I was really confused. Because what the hell was he talking about?!

Homey basically did a giant spit take, patted me on my head and said, “Jane the Virgin.” I could hear him, walking up to bed, giggling to himself and muttering “Ninja Turtles” on the way to bed, lol. I yelled up the stairs, “But Raphael is a Ninja Turtle though! Everyone knows that!”


And that is why I’m dumb and I need to get back to work. :D

Anywhoo, how are y’all?

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