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My brain is going to explode from terribleness

Just interviewed a guy, warehouse/forklift worker. Good longevity and work history. Have a great job for him but he's got a felony charge for pot and can't pass the background check.

Oh when we were discussing benefits etc. "Yeah I haven't had benefits in a long time. I do have MS but it's in remission so I'm good." I swear interviewing people is so weird sometimes.

Fun fact: The guy reminded me of a non-douche Guy Fieri if that's possible.

So just add to the list of things that are terrible about living in THE GREATEST COUNTRY IN THE WORLD. I need a work flask.


ETA: I really liked this guy, and in my profession I really have to guard myself and not let having "favorites" because it can blind you to faults. But I will be bugging every hiring manager I have a decent relationship with, with his resume.

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