I used to have an amazing memory. I wouldn't call it photographic because I'm not an asshole, but it was damn good. But over the last couple of years it seems like I can't keep anything in my head. Now, I was always bad about losing my train of thought, but now it's like I can't recall things that normally would've been really easy for me to remember.

Silly stuff like pop culture references โ€” who was in what movie, etc.

I also can't seem to focus when I'm reading anymore. Plus, and this is the one that's really bothering me: When I type out words, I'm 100% sure that I've written exactly what I meant to write. And then I'll get a response (let's say this is via e-mail) and I see a ton of mistakes. The biggest ones being that if I type something like "late" my brain adds "-ly" to the end, so "I'm going to be lately" is a pretty common one I run into.

This isn't auto-correct. It's definitely a normal keyboard that's not finishing my sentences.

Now the thing is... I'm not really sure that I'm "losing my memory" in the traditional sense. Instead, I think it's more that I'm not demanding enough of my memory in the first place and it's starting to atrophy. I'm the first person to go, "Oh, let's not all cry about the dangers of technology," but I do suspect that these are indeed side-effects of a life defined by computers and cell phones.


I don't need to remember who's in that film anymore, because I can quickly look up IMDB. I don't need to type things properly, auto-correct will figure it out. I don't need to read โ€” TV has re-caps of stuff I glazed over.

I don't mean to say that quite so flippantly, but I'm seriously worried about how bad my memory and attention span are now, and I'm only 26. What is my generation going to be like in 30 years?


Anyway. These are my scary thoughts this sunny Friday afternoon.