Weird dreams. Gotta love them. Ever have one where it's clear you are seeing things play out as in a movie, but a movie you are in? Here is what I remember (and I'm giggling as I type this).

Pulling up to a very large home with a date/boyfriend. It's my (my character's?!) Dad's house. He is very wealthy from importing coffee. Obvs. So then I am in the kitchen reaching for a cup when my date comes up from behind and places his hands on my hips. He leans in to ask what type of coffee I would recommend. I then see who my date/boyfriend is - the dad from The Nanny. Ummmm what? So in my dream I am now saying to myself "oh no, that's no good. Something bad is definitely going to happen if that guy is the boyfriend. Friggin lifetime movies" while watching myself on the screen. Whaaat. Obviously I love coffee, but beyond that I've got nothing on what the heck that was all about. Most recent weird dream, go!