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My Brother the Rock Star

I hope you will allow me to kvell for a minute, because I have so much sisterly pride and energy right now I don't know what to do with it. So my brother, Scott (the gingerbeard pictured) has been in bands since he was 15. He's never studied music, he's never taken lessons, he just loves to play around with different sounds. Generally, that means instruments, but sometimes that means deconstructing my son's discarded talking toys, distorting whatever electronic sounds they make, and recording it.

So for the past few years he has been in a band called Fins with his friends and room mates. If you have heard of them, it is likely that you read THIS AMAZING FUCKING INTERVIEW IN PITCHFORK THIS MORNING! Holy shit! This is a big fucking deal! I would like, if I may, to leave you with my favorite part...

In a scraped-raw power trio lineup like this, the instruments have to do a lot of economic work, and bassist Scott Bowers-DeFino might be their secret weapon. He imbues every scraping din with its melodic glint: His four-note riff on "Passing" might be the album's catchiest melody, and his bass lines on "Sockets" and "Branches" are those songs' chief hooks. If you're humming something from this record, in fact, there is a ninety-percent chance Bowers-DeFino played it.


Which makes me...


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