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My brother wins at Christmas

I know Christmas isn't technically something you can win at....but my brother just did it anyway. He got something awesome for my mom, but had no way to keep it hidden until tomorrow so she got it today.

I grew up on a ranch in rural Wyoming. The house was built in 1890 and had a huge sun room. One of the things my mom had in this sun room was a rubber tree. Then my dad was unexpectedly fired and we had to move out in less than a month. My mom didn't have room for most of her plants where we were moving to, so she had to leave them behind. Fast forward 10 years, and it turns out one of my brother's friends is close with the people that lived in that house after we did. When they moved out, the house was set to be demolished (I prefer not to think about that), so they took the rubber tree with them. But now, they are looking to move again, so were wanting to get rid of the tree, since it is pretty big by now. My little brother found out about this, got the tree from them, and gave it to my mom.

She was pretty happy with getting a new rubber tree, and she almost cried when she found out exactly what rubber tree this one was. Having to leave all her plants like that was so hard for my mom, so it's pretty cool that 10 years later she gets this one back.


Like I said, I don't know if Christmas is something you can win. But, if you can, my brother just won it!

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