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Welcome To The Bitchery
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My Buddy is Back!

So I have a stupid commute to work. While in St. Louis, I’m not particularly close to one of our 3 rivers. I see a ton of birds around my neighborhood, but mostly songbirds* and hawks.

I work up along the Missouri River though, and last summer almost every day when I merged onto I-70 west I would see a great egret hanging out in one of the drain canals. I know it’s silly, but it made me happy every morning to see this 3 foot tall white bird just hanging out doing his bird thing when I drove by. Also, I don’t see herons/egrets/etc where I live, so it’s just neat.


Well either my buddy is back or another great egret is hanging out in the same place! Saw him yesterday and it made my morning! I was worried he wouldn’t come back since I don’t really know what there was for him to eat in that canal. Frogs, maybe?

*Ironically, I have never once seen the state bird of Missouri, the eastern bluebird. I do see a ton of cardinals, though. Had 8 hanging out in the backyard this morning.

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