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My Butt Is All Sandy


Went to Waimanalo beach with my bro, sis and niece. Windy, choppy, rainy day, warning signs up, not just the man o' war one, also "DANGEROUS SHORE BREAK" and "HAZARDOUS CURRENTS." The warning sign trifecta!


Well, having swum here for forty+ years, we all knew the man o' war one was the only one to care about. So we walked up and down the beach looking for washed-up beasties, which would be there if they were plentiful. Nothing. Not a one. So in we went. Choppy waters, criss-cross waves, very poor bodysurfing day, but I got one good and one decent ride. And then it rained all over us, so we went home, where we ran out of hot water very quickly, so no showers. Hence the sandy butt.

This has been your Butt-Date for April 15th.

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