So, as I left work my 'check engine' light came on but I had to get groceries so I was like "imma check you later sugar, but momma needs to get Dr. Pepper." As I'm pulling into the turning lane to get into the parking lot, she craps out. Just dies. I held it together to call Mr. Buttcheeks (who, because we live in a tiny town, was 4 blocks away) and then BCAA for a tow. I was so calm! And then some asshole honked at me. And then I was just like "DUDE I WILL RAM A FIRE POKER UP YOUR ASS CAN'T YOU SEE I'M HAVING A MOMENT HERE?"


So when the tow truck guy pulled up and saw snotty, sniffly me in the drivers seat, I'm pretty sure he wished he was anywhere else in the world. I just handed him the keys, told him where to drop it off and strolled into the grocery store to pick up a bag of ketchup chips while lamenting BC's lack of liquor in grocery stores. Mr. Buttcheeks came to get me and made perogies for dinner so now I'm in a sweet, sweet carb coma.

I'm hoping it's just the fuel filter, but who fucking knows.