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My car just got broken into

UPDATE: I just got a call from the cops, and they found my bag!!! Everything is still inside! This is such a huge fucking relief. I still have to pay to repair the window, but I just did the math on the contents of the bag to see if it was worth reporting to insurance, and the total replacement costs came to $892 dollars. While this is indicative of my apparently crippling makeup addiction, the fact that they found my stuff means I don't actually have to replace it all! This morning is looking so much better than last night.

While I was at the gym, just to add more pain and suffering to what I was already feeling from my workout.

My wallet was with me, luckily, but they took my purse off the front passenger seat, after smashing that window. The purse was a beautiful italian leather bag that my mom got me on her last trip to Italy. They also got about 400 dollars worth of makeup and brushes, the 3 month supply of contact lenses I had just purchased, ( and since I was wearing my last pair today, guess that means glasses until I can buy more) the rest of this months birth control pills, and I'm sure more stuff that I will realize is missing as I go about the next couple of days.


I'm just so pissed. They stole it for drug money, the cops think, and I get that they were just smashing and grabbing a bunch of cars, so they weren't actually checking the purses before stealing them, but there is NOTHING of value to anyone but me in that bag. The makeup has no resale value, the contacts only help if you have my exact priscription, I doubt there's a big black market for 3 weeks worth of birth control. It's just a shitload of expense and inconvenience for me, with no benefit to them either.

God, this has just been such a shitty night.

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