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My cat embarrassed me at the vet today.

I had to take my cat in today for his yearly shots, plus a routine de-worming treatment. The shots went okay, but he would not fucking swallow those de-worming pills. It took the vet at least 5 or 6 tries to get them to go down his throat. I felt really bad he was being so difficult, but obviously there wasn't a lot I could do about the situation. This isn't the first time he's done something weird at the vet. (TMI Alert) The last time he had a de-worming treatment, I think he was being kept overnight for something, so the vet techs were the first to see the uh results of that. Apparently he made the techs really nervous because there were a lot of weird things in his poo, but the head vet eventually figured out he had been eating (my) hair elastics and passing the rubber through his system. Ugh, I hope my cat isn't getting some sort of reputation at the vet's office. At least he hasn't pooped or vomited on the exam table ... yet.


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