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My Cat Had a Nightmare Last Night

And it was fucking adorable.

Last night, Biggie Talls and I were abruptly woken by Catherine's cries. She was sleeping below my feet as she often does. I hadn't moved to bump her when she let out two or three long, sad meows. We sat up and Biggie turned on his lamp so we could see if there was a bug or anything that might've got her going. Nothing was around to wake her. I guess she had a bad dream and it startled her awake. We petted her a bit, she stood up, took two steps over towards Biggie's side and then laid down again.

Unfortunately, this was at 3:53 this morning and I didn't get back to sleep after. That's what coffee is for, I guess.


Here's a picture of the little lady helping me put the duvet in the duvet cover earlier this week.

Biggie Talls also made night sounds last night. Sometime after Catherine woke us, he fell back asleep and dreamed that what he thought were people in alien costumes were actually aliens and "they wouldn't fuck off" so he got ragey. It sounded like laugh whimpers to me. He did it once and ignored it, but the second time I grabbed his arm which woke him enough.

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