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My cat has a Facebook page

It's actually quite epic and this is her user pic. I imagine her as a separate character, discussing poop and her disgust of me. And I do think she is disgusted at me much of the time. Other times, she just wants to be close. She's my junior lieutenant of kittyness.

I find it endlessly entertaining. I get two different responses from people.

First are those who like my cat's facebook page. In fact, they like it better than they like mine (and mine is totes awesome). She really works through a lot of aggression there. And she likes snacks and pooping. She is my id.


Second are those who have to repeatedly tell me "THAT'S NOT YOUR CAT POSTING, THAT'S YOU." LIES, I AM JUST THE CONDUIT. Also, you know, NO SHIT. But people get SO irritated by it. I just figure, you know, don't be my cat's facebook friend you bastards.

I don't know what you think. My cat is a great blogger though. She's like a tiny little furry and fat Flannery O Connor. Absurdism. That is the provenance of cats.

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