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My cat is an asshole

My cat, who is usually a lovely ginger fellow, is mad at me, I think. Because he is a maniac, we confine him to the playroom at night. Otherwise, he would destroy the furniture and wake the dogs up and that's just not a recipe for success at my house.

The other day, I had unexpected guests so I threw a hamper of laundry into the cat's room and promptly forgot about it. It was mostly sheets and towels, and not something like underpants that would be easily missed.

The cat peed in the hamper. It's gross.

So hit me with your cat-pee remedies, friends! I think my first attempt is going to be to dump the whole shebang into the washer and then pour approximately 150293 gallons of white vinegar over it and let it soak. Then... I dunno. OxiClean? (RIP Billy Mays) Nature's Miracle (which some folks swear by but doesn't seem to work at my house)?



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