Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

I moved a few weeks ago and this is my first block of a few days off work to do serious unpacking/decorating. I also had flooding in my basement the first weekend, which was fun.

One of my cats didn't take the move well at all. S/he (I suspect Bellatrix) has used a closet and the bathtub as a potty so those rooms are closed off now. No matter how clean the litter boxes are, some form of kitty revenge happens. The basement is the latest source. Stuff was drying out from the flood and I'm planning on using it as storage. Yeah...the cat is using it as a giant litter pan. I can't move anything from the living room or the office until I come up with a solution. I suspect this cat because she hid for a week after the move, to the point I called the vet. She also refuses to admit that her food dishes are in place she didn't pick (aka not on carpeting). She's eating but she throws a fit every morning about it.


Does anyone have any idea how to deal with this? We have multiple litter boxes, her same litter, she's on her same food/food schedule, she has her toys, she has her brothers, she's still the queen of the house, etc. I honestly thought she'd calm down by now.

Apparently one or more of the cats was also dealing with angst by burrowing in my clothes while I was at work so I have to do like 6 loads of laundry too. I found out when I finished my bedroom yesterday. Yay?

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