We don't have air-conditioning and io kitty does not approve. It has been rather hot lately and he has never experienced heat like this. HE IS SO LETHARGIC. My other kitty (Mallow) is from Nebraska, so of course, he is mocking io for his weakness.

io started out okay, all, "O HAI THERE, you're back from work? I've been sitting in this chair all day instead of the nice cool bedroom because I knew it'd make you feel like shit to see me suffering."

"No really, I'm fine."

"Now that you mention it, you know, it's eighty-five degrees outside, but in here it feels like ninety-five. I do feel a bit.... faint...."


"If only.... you'd come..... sooner...." he gasped, a distant and haunted look scintillating in his amber eyes as he slid down his rocking chair, having used the last of his strength to greet me as I came home from work. He wanted the last vision I had in my head of him to be one in which he was strong, happy, and glorying in the wonderful life I provided him.


"Tell Mallow.... *gasp*...he can have.... CTHULHU....and I hid a dead spider under the kitchen table.... It's his, now. Tell him....Tell...."

"GAAAaaaaa...... *CROAK*"


THIS CAT IS IMPOSSIBLE. I've tried putting ice cubes in his water fountain (yes, fountain) but he looks at them like they are planning on murdering him in his sleep. I've shown him where the cool spots in the bedroom are but he doesn't seem to connect the dots. He looks so miserable it makes me sad but he cracks me up, too, because he is sooooo dramatic.

I was thinking maybe I should give him a dunk in the sink with some nice cool water? He's just a little guy, I could totally hold him still. But then that would be mean.

I was also thinking I could strap an ice pack to his back. Which may or may not do anything but make me laugh. Should I share my Chardonnay with him? (flipflop screams, "ROMA IS CLASSY.) :)