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My cat puked on my boyfriend's head

He took it very well.

I came home to find Manlover in the shower. When he came out he told me that he was sitting in a chair next to a window, and Catlover was sitting in the windowsill. He heard that unmistakeable cat-horking noise, but before he could react, the cat puked over the back of the chair, onto the chair, and into my boyfriend's hair. Manlover cleaned up the chair and then got in the shower. He also needs to get his shirt drycleaned. He was really concerned that Catlover might not be feeling well, but I'm pretty sure he's fine. He's still sitting on the windowsill, looking smug. In the end we both had a laugh.


I really love my boyfriend, but I love him even more when he is kind and loving and understanding with my cat. It just makes me want to cuddle up with both of them forever. Awww, cat puke, bringing us closer together as a family.

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