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My cat, the shit(ter)

(Do I need to say TMI for gross?)

It's been a long week in my house. I can't believe it's only been a week since it got real bad. But I'm getting ahead of myself.

Ella, the cat pictured with me above has always had issues. When I first met my husband she started grooming obsessively, like a nervous tic. She was his cat. I came into the picture, she started scratching, cleaning, etc. This started before we combined households (I have two cats), but got worse when we did. We've had her on Prozac f0r it.


In our house the litterboxes are in the basement, in the unfinished part. To make a long story short, Ella has had blood ON her poop frequently. (I've read that the distinction of blood IN/ON the poop is important) I've taken her into the vet multiple times, had fecal samples done 2-3 times, and blood work done twice. Nothing.

The past couple months she has started pooping on the floor downstairs. She sometimes poops in the litterbox, but it's a daily event of finding the places downstairs. We tried to put tinfoil down to discourage her, but she just pooped on the tinfoil. Then we put tinfoil down in her usual places for easy cleanup and she sometimes pooped there. Our floor down there is concrete, it's not exactly easy to scrape dried up cat shit off the floor.

So last weekend she started pooping upstairs. Sunday I bought a cage/kennel thing off Craigslist, and we kept her in there when we were gone/sleeping. Well, she won't poop on the potty pad she's stupid and poops on her blanket. Now we keep her in the bathroom during gone/sleeping hours. There's a litterbox in there and a blanket.

The last blood test from our vet came back negative for everything, and he just thinks she's crazy. Sowe decided to get a second opinion. This new vet is pretty awesome and it was nice to have new eyes on the situation. He ordered a more intricate blood test which, with the office visit, came to $300. It was sent to Texas A&M to check her organs and such. It came back negative. I don't know if that's a good or bad thing. We just don't know what's going on with her.


So... we're going to try a steroid, which they compound at a pharmacy that we can rub into her ear rather than give shots or a pill. Hopefully that will help if it's IBS or something.

The fun part right now is that if she's out we have to make sure we know where she's at all the time. Right now she's next to me on the couch, and that's usually the case, but if she gets up we have to follow her. She will try to poop upstairs. She will go downstairs and poop on the towels we have next to the leaky wall. She tries to poop in the litterbox, gets frustrated and thinks it will work elsewhere. It can be really annoying when she's not being lazy.


So I gave her some pumpkin in wet food yesterday, and today I gave her a tiny bit of Miralax in the wet food. I'm hoping to "soften her stool." If I have to give her an enema I will. Although that might be something to leave to the professionals.

Sorry, this was really long.

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