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I bought some cookies at Whole Foods today - snickerdoodles with dark chocolate ganache sandwiched between them. I bought a big bagful.

My husband and I left for our anniversary dinner at about 5:45. Sometime between then and 7:20, the cat knocked the bag of cookies off the table and to the floor. I came home to find all but two cookies eaten. That's a fair amount of dark chocolate ganache, so I called the ASPCA Poison Control line - my first time.

They told me to give them hydrogen peroxide to make them vomit. Turns out Bacon ate ALL the cookies. Poor Logan had to barf for no reason. Bacon is a big pig. He barfed and barfed cookies. I'm glad I called because he's the smaller dog. He might have gotten really sick.


Who wants a slightly used cat? Free to mediocre home. Freaking cat.

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