My cats have been pretty stressed out this week. Their bathroom was taken over by a momma cat and her babies and they had "closet time" in order for the kittens to have the entire upstairs for a few hours a day to stretch and get in some good play/enrichment. Our closet is the size of a small bedroom, so they weren't cramped, but they are cats and despise being locked up in any way. All of that on top of the fact that I have been crazy busy this week with school and the wedding and wasn't even at home for about 4 days. My poor behbehs.

Now that the kittens and their momma are at the Houston SPCA and I'm home again like normal, my cats have become insane with love and happiness! They are running around and playing, even my shy skittish girly cat was rolling around on the floor like she was drowning in catnip for HOURS. They are both pouring on the love too and I must say, me and Mr.Bottom are fully encouraging all this loving! Here are some super adorable pictures of my fur babies being completely adorable.

My cat Noodle fondling my friends bra (which is creepy because she's nursing):

Here is my little girl, Knives being super cute!:



(She was all into getting belly kisses, which she usually is very firmly against!)

(Big yawn! She was super into the tummy-lovin' and was getting sleepy!)


(This is her sexy face. She was hamming it up, trying to get face kisses.)

Here is Noodle! I tried to get him sleeping in the tree upstairs, but he woke up and demanded love:


(all drunk with sleep and snuggles)

After this, he started getting crazy snuggly and purring like a jet engine so I took a video - Enjoy!

My cat Noodle going crazy for lovings. I talk to him a little bit, but I tried to keep it at a minimum. He likes it though (Siamese are very talkative) so I can't be super quiet.