Does anyone else feel a little betrayed when they see an ex, who at the time assured you that they never wanted kids either, later gets married and happily announces a pregnancy (on Facebook, obviously)?

I’m like,

  • Did you legit change your mind? (In which case, good for you I guess?)
  • Were you lying to me that whole time to keep access to the inside of my pants? (So, you’re an asshole.)
  • Are you just a sociopath that says whatever anyone wants to hear and has no feelings of your own? (So, you’re an asshole.)
  • Did you marry someone who wanted other things and went along and are going to hate this later? (and cry to other people, possibly me, about your life choices)


I know things happen and people change, but I can never help but wonder - what really is your deal, dude? And you can’t ask, but I just starting getting very...

... about the whole thing. Am I the only one who judges? I hope not.

ETA: It’s not I expected them to stay with me, it’s more like What else don’t I know about you? Is your name not your real name? What next?