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Seaside, New Jersey just can't win. ETA Fuck the Gawker Comments

Seaside NJ - 6 Alarm Fire

Seaside Park, New Jersey, which just finished rebuilding after being decimated by Hurricane Sandy (it's the home of the now-infamous rollercoaster in the ocean) is now in the midst of another disaster. A 6-alarm (I didn't even know that fires went up to 6 alarms!) fire is destroying the newly-reopened boardwalk—taking out rides and shops and possibly spreading to homes. There is scary video of the blaze and the outlook is as bad as the footage—firefighters do not yet have the fire under control.


It was also the setting of Jersey Shore, and while that was not the most flattering depiction of Jerseyians, it certainly became part of pop culture. Following Sandy the Jersey Shore cast pitched in to help the beach town that made them famous. Hopefully Seaside can rebuild again.

I spent my childhood at this boardwalk and now I've watched it be destroyed twice in one year.

UPDATE KOOKA IS MAD & RANTING: I think beat Gawker to coverage by about 4 minutes, but here is the article over there. But it's become really upsetting to read the comments over there. Yes, I get it it's Jersey harharhar we should let the whole state burn down lolololol, but come on. This is destroying people's businesses, people's homes...homes and businesses that they just rebuilt from a natural disaster. It's not a very wealthy area—this is ruining the lives of real people. The town lost millions, plenty of people could barely afford to return to homes that had been in their families for generations and yet they earn no sympathy because Jersey?


And you know what? Jersey isn't just one big joke. The state has a lot of beauty and great towns/cities—half the people saying the fire is a blessing probably haven't been to Jersey, and 3/4s probably haven't been off the turnpike. Is it a place I want to live again? Probably not, but only because I love to be in cities. If I ever want to settle into a suburb, Jersey would be on my list.


And Re: All the Chris Christie comments (i.e. he should sit on the fire to put it out because he's so fat, it's a publicity stunt by him, hope he burns up etc). Again...seriously? I don't agree with a huge portion of what he's done. I don't agree with pretty much any of his views. But it's clear he really cares about the state, and I think he did a pretty good job being a brave face after Hurricane Sandy. Hating him as a politician? Great! Wishing a fiery death for him as a person? Excessive.

In summary, fuck the Gawker commentariat right now.


Love it or hate it, New Jersey is where I grew up and this is so sad to see.

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