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Welcome To The Bitchery

The home I grew up in no longer exists, according to street view:

Illustration for article titled My Childhood Home Is Gone

Where that new house is being built is about where the house I grew up in was. The big open land that reaches the corner used to be all wooded area, and the cemetery across the street looks the same as ever. In general, the neighborhood looks very cleaned up. Instead of being rental one floor townhomes like they used to be, the houses are all huge looking single homes and duplexes. I also learned at I walked about 1/2 a mile to school every day alone or with friends starting in kindergarten, according to Google Maps. It was another 1/2 mile in the opposite direction to go to the Circle K my sister and I frequented, which is now a Walgreens. The food bank is still down the street, so this is still a low income neighborhood, which is interesting to see. I don't know how I feel about this, but it was interesting to look up.

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