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My Christmas Miracle !

I have tomorrow's dose of Methadone sitting in my fridge, and I haven't even touched it yet! YAY ME! It's a Christmas miracle haha

This is a fairly big deal for me! I've been on Methadone for over a year and a half and have been offered carries (take home doses) by my Doctor many times instead of having to make daily trips to the pharmacy. He obvious thinks I've been doing well enough to have offered several times, but I have always turned him down. As a matter of fact, I've just told him to stop offering.


Although I'd absolutely love the convenience of going to my fridge instead of the pharmacy each day, especially since I've broken my foot, but I've just never quite fully trusted myself. As confident as I thought I was that I wouldn't touch it early, I'm a hardcore addict, and I would not put it past myself to drink that two days worth in one go. But I've switched to a new pharmacy recently, and they have fewer hours, and unlike my previous pharmacy which dispensed Methadone everyday of the year, this new one happens to be closed on Christmas day. So it was either skip a days dose and have a sucky Christmas or suck it up and accept the carry. Obviously I took the carry.

And I haven't drank it yet! It will be there waiting for me in the morning. I'm so proud of myself. I just had to brag!

  • I googled Christmas miracle and those pugs were among the results. I had to use them. The pictures that come up if you search Methadone were a little depressing for Christmas Eve

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