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According to HuffPo, "New York artist Sophia Wallace wants you — and everyone you know — to be cliterate."

Things I didn't know about my own clit:

  • It's a mostly internal organ.
  • It's seriously 9–12cm long and up to (or around?) 6cm wide which — according to the article — makes an unerect clitoris bigger than the average unerect penis.

I cannot get over how little I know about my own body sometimes. Look at this rendering, pleasure "button" my ass... it's more like a pleasure mote:

Or a pleasure bird. I choose to see an eagle, because my clitoris is a patriot. (If it wasn't before, it is now.)

On a practical level, recognizing how BIG a clit is, is really important. Consider FGM... I and others have assumed it can't be surgically corrected. From The Internal Clitoris, a post on the Museum of Sex blog:

Dr. Foldès has been performing surgery on women who have suffered from clitoral mutilation, restoring pleasure to over 3,000 circumcised patients. He also gets passionate about the lack of study with regards to the clitoris:

“When I returned to France to treat genital mutilation, I was amazed that they were never tried. The medical literature tells us the truth about our contempt for women. For three centuries, there are thousands of references to penile surgery, nothing on the clitoris, except for some cancers or dermatology -and nothing to restore its sensitivity. The very existence of an organ of pleasure is denied, medically. Today, if you look at the anatomy books that all surgeons have, you will find two pages above. There is a real intellectual excision.

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